• GSoC Finals

    The end of my Google Summer of Code is approaching,  it is therefore time to take a breath and to summarize what I’ve done over the last few months. So I’ll take the opportunity to lead you, step by step, through the various stages of my project and outline the tasks I’ve been working on (for a better understanding you may also have a look at my original project proposal).

  • Porting PolyBench to Julia

    In my previous post I gave a short introduction to my GSoC project. I described how Polly can now be used to optimize Julia code and provided a vague outlook on the kind of problems that I would have to solve. In this post I want to take up this last thought to give an overview of my recent activities.

  • Enabling Polyhedral Optimizations in Julia

    Over the the next few months I will be working on an exciting project as one of this year’s Google Summer of Code students. My work will aim at making available the power of polyhedral optimizations to the programming language Julia (I also cordially invite you to have a look at my project proposal for an overview of my planned activities). When a Julia program is executed its source code will be translated, at run-time, to...

  • Cold Open

    There are many great developers out there and there are many great writers out there. Even though I do not consider myself being part of the intersection of these two sets, I want to use this blog to give away certain things that I come across when working/studying/etc. and which I find noteworthy. Probably this won’t happen on a regular basis, but I’ll do my best to come up with something new every now and...